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This is why you don't wear flip-flops to step team practice.

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4th November 2008

4:08pm: I'd Rather

I love having Chex

but I'd rather get some bread


27th April 2008


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30th October 2007

10:42pm: bone
Proto-Germanic *bainam (see also Old Norse bein, Danish ben, German Bein, which also mean thigh or shank)
O.E. ban
M.E. bone


9:43pm: I don't really have a lot to write about these days but I was thinking of doing this new thing in which:

1. people leave comments containing a word they would like to know the etymology of
2. I make a post tracing the history of the word
3. repeat step one

is this going to be a hit? or the opposite of a hit? (a flop?)

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3rd October 2007

10:31am: 1. The other day at work I slipped and hit my head on the ice machine. For a few days I wondered if I had really died and was imagining my life as it would have happened had I survived. Then when normal stuff kept happening, I decided that I probably didn't die. But now I can never be sure.

2. I had a dream that Mustafa's arms were amputated near the shoulders, but they would grow back in 9-10 months, the doctor said.

3. Beaks and Claws show Thursday night at 10pm off South Mary Ellen Drive.

4. Ian MacKaye is not dead. Not dead.

5. We have a new neighbor downstairs named Darwin and I know nothing about him.

6. Since my dad and some other people helped repeal a law in Myrtle Beach that required proof of American citizenship before a business license could be issued, some guy is running for city council and said something like "That Communist Jew lawyer Ellenburg is turning Myrtle Beach into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants."

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14th September 2007

11:35pm: Yesterday I went to Brith Shalom Beth Israel to watch the kids while the adults did whatever it is Jewish adults do on Rosh Hashanah. I met some pretty cool kids. I brought my "magic suitcase" (the suitcase with percussion instruments in it) and I was playing my jaw-harp and kids always want to pull the tab when they see a dude rockin the harp, so I let them, and one little girl, right after I told her to be gentle, pulled back too far and too high and the tab chipped off a small part of my tooth. Today I did not bring my magic suitcase there.

Today I tried to watch Inland Empire but decided to give up after 2 hours. I had to ride my bike home in the rain.

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6th September 2007

4:44pm: stuff
Village Tavern stuff
Saturday, September 22 - Fujiya & Miyagi
Monday, September 24 - Magnolia Electric Co. with the Watson Twins and Drakkar Sauna
Sunday, October 7 - !!!
Wednesday, October 10 - Del the Funky Homosapien
Sunday, November 4 - David Bazan

Map Room stuff
haha just kidding there is nothing worth going to at the Map Room anytime after tonight

Cumberland's stuff
Thursday, October 4 - Yukari Yucca and Electric Bird Noise
Saturday, November 3 - Old Time Relijun, Oicho Kabu

Museum stuff
Monday, September 10 - Pixie Saytar, Rachel Kate, Ponies & Flowers
Monday, September 17th - Ironing, Hal McGee, Kieran Daly, Sam Sfirri
Thursday, November 1 - Alas, Alak, Alaska!, Foot Ox, French Quarter, Those Lavender Whales

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3rd September 2007

11:47pm: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrow
Today I played peek-a-boo/hide-and-seek with some toddlers at work. The mother told me it was the high point of the kids' lunch. I said it was the high point of my entire day.

I asked Jermaine the dishwasher what he does when there are no dishes to wash. "Walk a-fuckin'-round, man," he replied.


30th August 2007

12:00am: I don't know; maybe taking a break from so many shows? Maybe one or two more in October, and in December, late December maybe, and that's it for this year.


26th August 2007

6:28pm: Today while I was on my way to work I saw Dick Latham walking down the sidewalk. I hopped off my bike and talked to him a while. He works and Williams-Sonoma. His hair is a little bit longer. Just the other day a former ECDC parent told me to tell Dick hello for her if I saw him. Today was the first time I had seen him in over a year.

Also, I was talking to one of the ladies that works in the kitchen at Saffron and she was born and raised in the same neighborhood that Andrew B lives in and she said "your friend t'row de bes' pa'ties." I guess she has heard the house shows before?

The first Beaks & Claws Band show is on Wednesday at 9 at the Museum. Also performing are Didimao, Micose and the Mau Maus, and Castles Underground.


24th August 2007

12:16am: news news news news
All amplified Museum shows must now be over by 11pm. There were three complaints about the noise tonight from the wild college kids in the new dorm, and a public safety officer came by and he let us know what was up. Also, it's probably a bad idea to to cartwheels in the street, and yell in the street, make a general nuisance of yourself, et cetera. Also, wear some dang shoes when you go to the Museum, okay? No one wants to clean the carpet that you made muddy, hippie. Also, a sidewalk looks nothing like a trashcan or an ashtray, and if you think that it does maybe you should go to an eye doctor or an oncologist instead of the Museum.

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14th August 2007

4:33pm: 1. Show Thursday night at the Museum, 8pm. Three bands from Gainesville: The Deep and Holy Sea, Cassette, and Spinnaker.

2. Saturday night my deep homey Aaron "Those Lavender Whales" Graves is opening for Elf Power and Black Swan at the Art Bar in Columbia. It's $5 to get in, and 21+. Does anyone want to go to this? I need a ride real bad.

3. Also the Charleston Improvised Music Festival is this weekend.


6th August 2007

5:01pm: the bear facts
A couple of nights ago I had a dream that there was a grizzly bear locked up in a playground in my neighborhood. I let it go and watched it roam around and then thought "Oh, crap, what in the world did I do that for?" Then the bear came charging towards me and I thought "Well, I am going to get killed by this bear right now." But it just jumped over me and bounded away. I called Animal Control and told them that there was a grizzly bear loose in Hampton Park Terrace.


22nd July 2007

4:18pm: Tire Tracks
One night a man was biking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from his life flashed across the sky.

In each scene he noticed tire tracks in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of tire tracks, other times there was one only.

This bothered him he noticed that during the low periods of his life, when he was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, he could see only one set of tire tracks, so he said to the Lord,

“You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would bike with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there has only been one set of tire tracks in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?”

The Lord replied, “The years when you have seen only one set of tire tracks, my child, is when I let you ride on my handlebars.”

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15th July 2007

7:50pm: a show!
You'd think that Google Image Search would turn up some screenshots of the dirty dishes scene from The Sword in the Stone. Oh well.

There is a show tomorrow night at the Museum at 9pm.

Lidia Stone

2/3 Skeleton

Dinosaur BBQ

and Seapanda, which this time is definitely me and Mustafa and whoever else wants in. Please come to this show, pretend like I didn't tell you 25 hours before it started.

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13th July 2007

12:37am: maps
Here is a map that I started working on around Easter. The bulk of it I had done 5 or 6 weeks after creating it, then I did a lot of tweaking, then I left it alone for forever.

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10th July 2007

11:49pm: Today I bussed Fritz Hollings's table. He left a pretty good tip.

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9th July 2007

1:26pm: this is not an entry about a flag
On Friday I got a call from Andrew, whose dad owns Saffron. He asked me if I wanted to work for a day for cash because they were short on dishwashers. I said I would do it but when I got there, the dishwasher on duty was way crazy and refused to train me. So they basically offered me a job right there. They told me to come in Saturday at 2. This saddened me because I wanted to see the show at 112 Huger Street that night but I thought it would be inappropriate to ask off my first day. So I went and it is the best "first day on the job" I have had in years. Almost everyone is super nice there and almost no one is a jerk. I was astounded how pleasant everyone was. I guess McDonald's gave me a false idea of food service. I was like Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas: "What's this? Employees actually asking if they can help another employee out? With no favor requested in return? Why is no one yelling in anger?" So anyway I worked until about 10:30 and walked home. Before I left, Chef Ali told me I did a good job. I worked with this guy named Herb who was cool.

Yesterday at 5 I left with Matt Foreman, Janie, Amanda, and Tay to go to Savannah to see the OK/P&F show, the last of their tour. We got a smidge lost but we made it in plenty of time for the show. The show was great and afterwards I got some bubble tea which was certainly a new experience that was fun at the time but honestly now it's making me a little sick. Chad and Mustafa and I rode back in the tour van and we were about 30 miles from Charleston when the rear passenger tire went flat. We tried to walk to some lights that we thought might be a business but it was just lights near a house. We called Kim who arrived on the scene with what we thought were the necessary tools. Mustafa tried to change the tire but the lug wrenches we had both were too small for the tire. Kim called AAA and pretended to be Jodie and by then it was like 4:30 or something and the guy showed up at maybe 6:30. After he changed the tire (which seemed to take forever; I couldn't see what he was doing) we had to drive away from Charleston again to the nearest gas station to inflate the tire. There was a frog on the window of the van. I went to the bathroom and beside the door in the gas station there was a container of crickets that was like a shallow box on a table. I can't think if that kind of thing has a name right now. Anyway, when I got out, Kim and Mustafa had left in Jodie's car and Chad and I drove back to Charleston listening to Aphex Twin. We got to the peninsula at about 8, maybe 8:15.

We went to Saffron for breakfast because eating a huge breakfast was all I could think about from about 3am onwards. We ate the heck outta some food in there. And it was 50% off because I am an employee! They asked me to stay and work until 4 as a busboy but then changed it to coming in at 4 as a dishwasher. The first option I almost took but the second I didn't want at all. I don't to be in the kitchen running around with wet socks and wet shoes and probably like one cumulative hour of sleep or whatever, and also there is a show tonight, so sorry Manager Ali, not gonna work tonight. I'll see you Tuesday morning. As Chad and I walked out of the restaurant, one of the ladies from the kitchen saw me and told me I did a good job Saturday night. BEN ELLENBURG IS MAKIN WAVES IN THE DISHWASHIN BIZ

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23rd June 2007

1:24pm: State flags, part 50+6

This flag was designed by a man in the Marines and it shows.


22nd June 2007

11:59pm: State flags, part 50+5

This is my favorite of the not-state flags. A simple design with nice colors. An interesting note is that people who want Puerto Rico to become an independent nation fly a version of the flag with a lighter shade of blue, while people who want to remain a commonwealth or even become a state fly a flag with a darker blue, to match the blue of the US flag.

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21st June 2007

11:57pm: State flags, part 50+4

I think this flag might be too busy. It's on the verge of being okay, but it's like it went to that edge, peered over, and then ran back into Clutterville and put flowers all over itself. I think if the lei was taken out and made into just a white circle, it would look a lot better,

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20th June 2007

11:49pm: State flags, part 50+3

I do not like this flag because of the contrast between the red and blues. Also, the fact that the letters are there in the first place is a problem. I also wondered what the white bar on the horizon was until I saw the coat of arms of Guam:

I think the flag would benefit from making it obvious that it is a bay or whatever as opposed to some kind of big white thing.

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19th June 2007

11:52pm: State flags, part 50+2

This flag is interesting to me because most flags with a chevron have the base of the triangle on the hoist side. Also, it seems odd to have the eagle so far to the fly side. It kinda looks like the eagle's right claw has a thumb.

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18th June 2007

11:02pm: State flags, part 50+1

I wish we could replace a crappy state flag with this one. I can't think of anything wrong with it.

This proposed version is worse but also way, way funnier:


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